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John Carnes

    I have invested in massage therapy for over 25 years quite regularly, and Jasmine Giroux is the best therapist I have found. She consistently seeks feedback in order to maximize effort, and has some of the strongest hands. Finding someone who is constantly adapting, in the moment, and in tune with what a patient and their body needs, is extremely rare. 
I highly and wholeheartedly endorse and recommend her, and continue to have work done regularly. 

Shana Entzel

    I highly recommend using Jasmine for a customized massage! She is a very professional, caring and hardworking woman. She is deeply committed to your better well being. Book an appointment today and get on your way to getting your body back to better balance and quality of life!

Jessica Erler

    Jasmine made me feel comfortable, and relaxed. She discussed our session and customized her work to best address my pain. She talked me through what she was working and why. Rarely do you come across an empathetic, knowledgeable therapist who can truly make a significant difference in your chronic pain. 
Highly recommended!

Briar Elise Taylor

    Absolutely love Jasmine! She is so kind and compassionate, and very knowledgeable about what she does. She is more than willing to explain everything as she works, or just you let relax and melt into her massage table. I'm always looking forward to the next massage with her!

Nicole Roessing

    Jasmine’s room has a very calming energy and her techniques are fantastic. She’s wonderful at listening to you and your body during and after your massage. I️ recommend her for your next visit.

Tiffanie Taylor

Jasmine is amazing! The massage was beyond fantastic. She is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients. There is no doubt that I will be returning to her. 

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