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Who We Are


Jasmine Giroux

Owner & LMT

When I’m not engrossed in the therapy room, you can find me recharging in the beautiful Montana outdoors with my beloved dog, in the hot yoga studio, or curled up with my cat and a good book.    

  After graduating with a Bachelor in Science I found myself continually fascinated with the biology and potential of the human body.

I am committed to a path of excellence that involves constantly learning while striving to continually broaden my knowledge, so that I may better serve you in your pursuit toward that potential.

 As a Montana licensed and insured massage therapist I am driven by the prospect of helping you part with pain and discomfort.

It is a great honor to be your therapist and have the opportunity to collaborate with you in the process of enhancing your quality of life.


Amber Peterson


Amber graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 2008. She has worked as a LMT in many settings including wellness centers, luxury spas, and chiropractic clinics and pulls from her experience to create a treatment that is relaxing and pampering while being able to target problem areas with healing and recovery in mind. She believes deeply in the human body as a system and seamlessly integrates several modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology and pre-natal massage and integrates heat therapy, myofascial release, cupping, cranio-sacral and polarity therapy, among other techniques into each treatment to best suit the needs of each client.

When not in the treatment room, Amber is a professional modern dancer and interdisciplinary artist currently finishing a Multidisciplinary Studies degree at UM. She enjoys board games, being outside, devouring sci-fi/fantasy novels and shows, and making overly ambitious art projects.

(505) 730-6796


Kari Miles


Kari grew up in a very active and outdoorsy family and found herself time and time again massaging and tending to the various injuries and sorenesses her loved ones incurred. Her career as a licensed massage therapist was a natural extension of that and she graduated from Colorado’s Intellitec College in 2010. Massage therapy calls to Kari out of a deep love of being able to help others move from states of pain and discomfort to greater ease and a better quality of life through the careful application of massage. She is an excellent deep tissue and therapeutic therapist, but also enjoys the calming components of a languid Swedish or hot stone massage.

(406) 531-8745

Linda Simpson


Linda has been passionate about all things holistic health her entire life. She carries a doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and has been of service as a Nutritional Counselor as well as a Life & Health Coach. With 30 years of experience as a massage therapist, Linda’s touch and presence are imbued with a degree of care and wisdom unique to her. Aromatherapy, Reiki, Hand & Foot Reflexology, Geriatric Massage, Energy Work and Swedish Relaxation Massage are her specialties. Linda holds exceptional space for her clients, which facilitates deep meditative states conducive to healing.

Linda is very passionate about food and our connection to the land. When she’s not hands on in the treatment room juggling a very busy schedule of clients, you can find her hands deep in the earth, gently tending to her organic garden.

We are honored to have Linda on our Team and thrilled to make her powerful services available to you!

(406) 589-7977

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