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Who We Are


Jasmine Giroux

Owner & LMT

When I’m not engrossed in the therapy room, you can find me recharging in the beautiful Montana outdoors with my beloved dog, in the hot yoga studio, or curled up with my cat and a good book.    

  After graduating with a Bachelor in Science I found myself continually fascinated with the biology and potential of the human body.

I am committed to a path of excellence that involves constantly learning while striving to continually broaden my knowledge, so that I may better serve you in your pursuit toward that potential.

 As a Montana licensed and insured massage therapist I am driven by the prospect of helping you part with pain and discomfort.

It is a great honor to be your therapist and have the opportunity to collaborate with you in the process of enhancing your quality of life.


Andrea Rivera

LMT & Certified Acupuncturist

In search of a better Self, Andrea felt inspired to pursue a career in massage and alternative medicines in 2006. She earned her Rolfing certification in Boulder, CO in 2008, and a Master of Oriental Medicine in 2016. 

Andrea has developed her own unique, effective, and highly decadent style of massage. Her flow and honed touch are superb! Each session is unique and tailored to meet your needs using a variety of techniques like Swedish and Deep Tissue style movements, fascial work, silicone cupping, shiatsu (acupressure), and tui na (Chinese medical massage). Whether you need to soothe and relax your nervous system or address specific musculoskeletal issues, you are in excellent hands and guaranteed to return for more! Her touch is informed by 16 years of experience on bodies from all walks of life. She calls upon the intelligence of her previous anatomically centered training and experience, as well as what her studies in East Asian medicine have taught her.

(808) 341-4349


Kari Miles


Kari grew up in a very active and outdoorsy family and found herself time and time again massaging and tending to the various injuries and sorenesses her loved ones incurred. Her career as a licensed massage therapist was a natural extension of that and she graduated from Colorado’s Intellitec College in 2010. Massage therapy calls to Kari out of a deep love of being able to help others move from states of pain and discomfort to greater ease and a better quality of life through the careful application of massage. She is an excellent deep tissue and therapeutic therapist, but also enjoys the calming components of a languid Swedish or hot stone massage.

(406) 531-8745

Ashley Marjanen


Ashley is grateful to be practicing in a career where she is an active participant in improving, maintaining and optimizing people’s health through massage therapy. She found a niche in integrative, holistic health as a highly gifted therapist and is driven by the desire to facilitate wellness and overall health through a wonderful blend of modalities including deep tissue, myofascial release, Swedish, neuromuscular therapy, muscle energy and active release techniques. 
She is licensed in Alaska and Montana and finds herself periodically working at Ski town spas as well as fishing and heli-ski adventure lodges.
Whether your goal is to prepare for, or recover from athletic endeavors, manage and alleviate chronic pain, restore function and mobility, or achieve a more grounded and embodied state,  she is eager to support you in your efforts to enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing.
Ashley has a sublime sense of touch; you'll be loving every minute of your treatment!

(907) 406-0066

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