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Feel & Function Better!

Pain & Tension Relief

Deeply Relaxing & Restorative Treatments

Whatever your needs, each session is customized to your specifications - 

We've got your Back! 


~Rates differ depending on practitioner~ 

Starting at:

30 Minute Massage  -  $65

45 Minute Massage  -  $90

60 Minute Massage   -   $115

 75 Minute Massage  -   $145

90 Minute Massage   -   $175

120 Minute Massage   -   $230


*All treatments are customized to your specific needs*

**Each treatment includes hot towels, hot stones, and cupping when appropriate**

**By Request Only** In an effort to keep all of our practitioners' schedules as tight as possible, please understand that appointments booked online are by request only. Vagaro unfortunately does not offer a setting that prevents gaps in our schedules; therefore, we are required to make adjustments if necessary upon appointment requests. If such a gap occurs with your appointment request, we will reach out to you promptly to inquire if a small adjustment to your appointment time might be equally as convenient to you. Thank you for understanding!

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